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Bannerys Our Process Our Promise.

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Bannerys Our Process Our Promise.

If you want to leave a big impression – whether it’s for advertising your business or impressing your family at dinner – our custom fabric banners and print tablecloths are definitely the way to go. 

Advertising is more important than it’s ever been in businesses, both large and small. The problem is that everyone is competing for attention. A quality banner and tablecloth stands out and grabs people’s attention, even from far away. And once you have their attention, a banner gives the impression that you were willing to go the extra mile to leave a strong impression to your prospective customer. It’s a subconscious thought, but people do notice the quality of the things you do, and that can lead them to trusting you and what you are trying to advertise.

We’ve spent years trying to make it so you can leave that kind of impact on any potential client with quality banners and tablecloths. We take pride in what we do, and that allows us to consider every little detail that goes into making our banners and tablecloths. Maybe our customers won’t immediately notice much of a difference when they get their products, but take it from the professionals, a banner’s quality really starts to show over time. It’s not about how our banners look when you first get them, it’s about how good they look and how much they hold up after a hundred uses. Our banners will never fade, peel, or crack. That is the kind of quality that we really care about. 

But quality isn’t the only goal we strive for. After all, anyone can provide quality at the right price. That’s why we wanted to go a step further, and provide our quality products at an affordable price. When people look at your custom fabric banners, and table covers  you always want them to think that it’s worth a lot more than you actually paid – The fabric is made of premium materials that make it soft and sturdy, and the resolution on the banner prints are sharp and clear. That’s exactly the kind of impression we want our banners and table covers to give to people. That’s why we’ve created a system that allows us to produce our products at a more affordable price than our competitors. How do we accomplish this? 

We start by streamlining the process, we cut out unnecessary costs wherever we can without cutting the quality of our banners. That’s because if we have any wasteful or unnecessary costs, it’ll just end up on our clients’ bills. We take care in avoiding that wherever possible. But our biggest trick to keeping prices low is that we make sure to have our banners produced locally in the areas we want to deliver. Local production helps reduce waste, and lowers the time it takes to deliver our banners to you. That's a waste of time that our valuable customers don’t have to pay for. Producing locally also cuts the need for long-distance delivery – this is also a good way to reduce costs, but it has the added benefit of getting our product to you within just 3 to 5 days. By cutting costs responsibly, we have created an efficient production system that benefits our clients, supports local workers, and is even more environmentally responsible. 

And when you order a banner from us, we also guarantee customizability. You can get your banner in any size that fits your needs. Most print shops force you to pick from preapproved sizes that might not be what you’re looking for. Custom Banners are supposed to be tailored to fit our clients’ unique needs, that’s why people make custom banners in the first place. That is why we allow our customers to choose any size banner that they want. It doesn’t matter if your banner is 3 x 6 feet, 10 x 10, or even 1 x 100. Whatever size banner you need, we can print it for you. Then we also include features to our banners so you can continue to customize it to your needs. You can get a banner with pole pockets or add grommets to it (the metal loops that you can put rope through). Our banners and tablecloths are 100% custom made by you, for you.

But taking care of the banner is just as important as getting it. Caring for your banner and ensuring a long-lasting quality is also surprisingly easy. There are a surprising number of banners out there that either can’t be washed or lose their quality when they’re washed. That’s something we didn’t want our clients to worry about. All our banners are completely machine washable. Just put it in your washing machine, set it to a low spin cycle with cold water, and let it air dry. It’s really that easy! The banners are finished with a straight-stitched hem, which reinforces the edges of the banner and makes it so it doesn’t fray or wear out in the wash. Then our special printing will keep the colors of your banner vibrant, so you never have to be worried every time your banner needs to be cleaned. We know people will be using our banners for years, so we made sure taking care of it was just as easy as buying it.

Overall, we made a product that we are proud to sell. It took a lot of thought, love, and care to make it this way – and that’s because we didn’t want to settle for less. We wanted to make banners that we would want to buy, or that we could recommend to our own friends and families. If we cut corners in a way that hurt our product, or we just didn’t bother with details because it was easier on us, then how can we make that kind of recommendation? We make our banners and run our business like our clients are our family. That is why we make sure to provide the best quality we can to our clients, and always go the extra mile to provide the best service possible. That is the promise we make to ourselves, and to our clients.